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baby loubie All good websites have information about the creators, and ours is no exception. However, since neither of us has ever done owt right good, we thought we'd make it up instead. So there. bubba bradders


Bradders was in the garden one day tending her pansies, when she sensed an ill wind blowing from the east. 'Goodness me', she thought, 'I sense that this is no ordinary wind and today will turn out to be a momentous day', and she wasn't wrong either. At the same time, the newly licensed Loubie was merrily driving down the A638 as if there was no tomorrow on her motorbike and sidecar. Bradders was just flicking greenfly from the rose bushes when she was swept up into the air by a freak tornado which then blew over the aforementioned A road and deposited her into Loubie's sidecar.

Initially the pair hated each other - Bradders was revolted by Loubie's habit of taking her false teeth out in public and showing them to all and sundry, while Loubie was slightly disturbed by the fact that Bradders had been born a man. However they eventually overcame these initial difficulties when they realised they had a common ground - their mutual love of origami. This love for making crap animals out of paper progressed into what we now know as "Zygo-a-gogo", but that they would call a legitimate excuse for sitting around drinking tea all day and occasionally drawing sommat.

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