Had enough of us?

Here are some cool places to go.


Unofficial Yo-Yo's site - this is better than the official one because it isn't run by a meanie

Joseph's Well - our favoured hive of wretched scum and villainy

B-Movie Heroes


Less Than Jake

Judecca - (Barney's site) - he sells comix, including ours!

Forbidden Planet - so do they. And their shop assistant likes Machine Head.

Mingers - self explanatory

Time On Your Hands - punk site



Bluefoot Project - Bradder's brother's band

Dugong - Bradder's other brother's band

Average Joe records

Slash - he's ace.

Bradders' mate Ken's site

Bradders' mate John's site

Leeds Music Scene - go to their discussion board and start a fight, it's funny

Robot Frank

3 Colours Red


Edison Medicine

Danny's favourite website

Grand Theft Audio

South Park

Nita Nitro Promotions

Freak KO - man's band

Motley Crue - they dress like girls

The Simpsons

Metal Hammer


Love Albatross - unsigned bands site

Cannibal the Musical

Obscure films site

True Metal Mania

Brunching Shuttlecocks

Test Your Personality

Portal Of Evil

Horbury Lawnmowers

The Yo-Yo's


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