The Zygo-a-Gogo

Hall Of Fame

Being the social butterflies that we are, we often rub shoulders with the stars, so to speak. In a vain attempt to become International Megastars, we have taken to giving our comics to any rock star who is at hand. Our frightened victims are as follows:

he bought me a soda... he bought me a sodaaaaa!! Frank Black. Yes, please, he'd like to take the call from Valhalla - he has a lot of friends there, don't you know.
why aye man, it's right canny like The Yo-Yo's. If only we were as drunk as they are all the time.
Yes, you can be Geordie Of The Month! Grand Theft Audio. They seem to enjoy causing a ruckus. Good on 'em.
twelvety! The League Of Gentlemen. They're our wives now, Dave.
Richard Whitely. Somebody please give this man an award.

More terrified victims

Sadly it's not always possible to have close contact with all the people we'd like to give our comics to (mainly due to injunctions) but we can always dream, can't we? Here they are!


The Devil



Eddie Izzard

Eddie Van Halen

The Get Up Kids

Neville Southall

Richard and Judy

Trey Parker and Matt Stone

The Jerusalem String Quartet

The Ewoks

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